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Traffic Kills is an eco community founded to inspire individuals to act in first person with the aim of improving their environment by promoting initiatives for a real change and a sustainable everyday life. What do your environment and daily life need to improve?
Think Act Change

How does TK operate?
Traffic Kills uses the Meetup formula for its local networking, allowing members to share and improve ideas with others, transforming them into concrete initiatives and events.

To improve what surrounds you and your way of living, the TK community is receptive towards environmental and social issues, creating and developing concepts to be implemented on a global scale.

Act in first person by promoting TK activities and participating to Meetup events. TK answers to users' requests and suggestions, providing solutions aimed at getting the public's and the medias' attention.

TK points out sensible issues and tries to suggest solutions for planning viral actions based on civic care, which can be performed across the globe to gain attention and inspire real change.

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What it proposes

Broadly speaking, "Traffic Kills" deals with all factors which are degrading our environment. It aims at improving people's habits through sustainable changes, creating a critical mass capable of directing human progress towards sustainable development.

Traffic Kills wants to address local and global political agendas to encourage more sustainable politics.

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Press release

Have you seen any articles related to Traffic Kills?
Please send us all material (jpg, pdf, txt or doc format) and it will be published in this section connect@traffickills.com.

La Repubblica - Friday 9 May 2008 - Italy
“The disco-shuttle is back, and the Free Bus works for three”
Download the file

La Stampa T7 - Friday 28 March 2008 - Italy
“If you danced but also drank, take the “Traffic Kills Free Bus”
Download the file

La Repubblica - Thursday 27 March 2008 - Italy
“Leave your car, traffic kills”
Download the file

Metro Italy - Friday 19 October 2007 - Italy
“Traffic Kills, urban raids”
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The Traffic Kills Team connect@traffickills.com

International Representative Coordinators

Turin / ITALY Davide Ghirardotti freebustorino@traffickills.com Copenhagen / DENMARK Anastasia Norrild anastasia_norrild@hotmail.com
Rome / ITALY Carol Lapadula karol.lapadula@gmail.com London / UK Rob Cragg supadaaviid@hotmail.co.uk
Milan / ITALY Carla Tiraboschi carla.tiraboschi@hotmail.it Bruxelles / BELGIUM Juliet Laki g.laki@email.it
Berlin / GERMANY Giovanna Tonelli giovannatonelli@gmail.com New York / USA Lara Musso lara.musso@gmail.com
Berlin / GERMANY Chanana McKelton nana_massie@hotmail.com Tokyo / Japan Alessandro Mistretta nukleall@hotmail.com
San Francisco / USA Giorgia Franco nepaljoy@hotmail.com

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